Monday, January 18, 2010

Well well well

I haven't posted in a while....there is a good reason.

Last week all puke broke loose in this house!! In one night three of my children in the span of about two hours, then my husband all night and into the next day! Me and the baby were the only ones not affected! It was crazy around here. Finally everyone is feeling better. I can get back to the things I love to do.

Play with my kids (not clean up after that)
Sew (very little time for that before)
Shop (I was kinda house bound for a while)

All is better (just a little bit of tired still).

I thought that I would share.........

Friday, January 8, 2010

The 80's strike back

I found this fabric on super clearance and thought that would be a cute skirt for my little I made up a pattern and here it is looks really really cute with the footless leggings!!

She loves it, but then again she loves anything bright or colorful!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

And so it begins!!

Well it is the new year the craziness of the holiday's are behind us....time for new project!!

This is the first block to my new quilt!! This one is for me and my hubby's bed!! I never really like the comforter/quilt that I purchased at a store not to be named!! (it is out of business now) So I decided to make it myself. Our bedroom is a light blue and lime green with white and black!! so the colors I have decided for the quilt!!

I am super excited how it turned out.....

btw, I am doing the tutorial from! He did it in September, I really wanted to do it then, but my plate was too full. So, new years and the quilt has begun!!

Now I need to decided if I want to do a store at etsy!?!?! Questions Questions!! I want to, but still just don't know!?!?!? I think I need to get through the birthday season (3 in two months)!!