Thursday, September 26, 2013

My latest addiction

I have been making these lovey blankets. I am having so much fun making them. I just can't stop.

The animal (noah's ark) blanket:
 The batman blanket:
 I love the girlishness of this silhouette blanket:
 I just made this cowboy one and I totally think it is cool.
 And firemen are always popular with the little people:
 cute little froggies:

 Hello kitty:
 crazy little monkeys:
 Rock and roll baby:
 Under the sea (and yes the song just went through my head):
 and last but not least superman:

Monday, August 26, 2013


I am going to depart from the normal crafty/silly blog post to talk about something that has been on my mind lately.


What is legacy? According to the dictionary it means "anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor."

But is this what I mean? Not exactly.

My husbands grandma passed away this last week. And it got me thinking of those that I have lost recently. Then I thought of what they have taught me, showed me through thier actions. It is thier legacy that made me who I am.

My grandma G:
She taught me patience and love. I spent many summer with her and poppop. I miss her singing silly songs and her servants heart. She also had a wonderful relationship with Christ which showed in everything that she did. She taught me great patience.

My grandpa S:

He was so full of joy. He was silly and loving. He taught me not to be serious all the time and to take risks because life is short. He loved strongly. He taught me peace.

My Great Grandpa Fred:
He served the Lord as long as he could way into his 90's. He loved the Lord so hardly and talked about how blessed he life had been. He could always be seen with a smile. He taught me that the Lord is not done with you until he calls you home, perseverance.

My husband grandma Q:

Although I was not raised with this wonderful women I learn a lot from her during my time with my husband. She was a lovely wonderful women. She love with all her heart all her family and extended. She also had a wonderful relationship with God and it was evident in her attitude and manners. She taught me peace.

You see without these people I would not be who I am. It is their legacy of love, faith, committment, trust that made

It is these people that make me what to be a better stronger more dedicated Christain. It is these people that taught me how to live life to the fullest. It is these people that left a legacy of love down many generations. It is because of these people that I want to work to make my marriage work. It is because of these people that gives me the strength to be a better mom. It is their legacy living through me.

It makes me think of the legacy that I am leaving to my children and beyond. What are my actions teaching? What are my words really saying?

What legacy am I going to leave?

Friday, May 31, 2013

Creative juices...or not??

Some days it seems like my creative juices are over flowing and then there are other days where the well runs dry.

I just started my bib line...if you can call it that..LOL...a few months ago and now I have 17 listed with about 5 more designed and ready to do. I guess it is doing pretty well, but the burp cloths are still a great seller.

I finally listed a few more bibs. Here are a few of my favorites: Click on the picture to see the listing.

This last week my creative juices were flowing and now they are dry....I think I will take a small break and see in my brain can recover and find some new thoughts and ideas...

for the rest of my bib line and burp cloth line click here.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Quilt festival waddling quilt

I am fairly new to doing quilts. I got hooked on them a couple of years ago. I decided that I should put my 'talent' to good use (plus my family didn't need any more quilts and I wanted to make another one). So, I made this quilt for my parents relay for like team. The theme is 'sports' and they named their team the my brain started working. I got the grid paper out and started drawing.
With my husbands help we came up a football style quilt. Simple design. I machine appliqued the helmets and 'Oregon' and 'Ducks' (that is with my embroidery machine). I 'regularly' appliqued the duck feet and hash marks.

 The center of the quilt says 'waddling for a cure.' I wanted to add a bit of whimsy to the quilt. It was also embroidered on there.

A closer look at the end zone.  

 A look at the bottom, yes that is one of my little ones hands holding it down, it was windy that day.
I quilted the 'field' in straight lines to replicate the white lines on a football field. The end zones were stippled as well as the sidelines.
 The back is a vintage sheet I picked up a long time ago. The colors were just perfect.

Thanks for stopping by. I do hope that this quilt brings a bit on money to help the cause for cancer.

Here is the link to the other quilts in the festival. I can't wait to see them all. 

baby quilt - quilt festival

A newbies version of a baby quilt. I was lucky enough to win a set of fat quarters from a wonderful blog so I decided to make a baby quilt. It was from the Joel Dewberry Notting hill collection (tangerine). I was over the moon when I won this. I got to my graph paper again and started to draw. It didn't take long to come up with what I wanted to make. A simple baby quilt.

 After I was finished I went to the store for backing and was so excited to find this fabric. I felt like it worked perfectly.

 I am totally in love with the pinks and pretty!
I used a variegated thread for the stipple quilting. I found one with light pinks and orange. I love the final result especially on the solid maroon color.
A silly shot my kids wanted to take. From the floor as they hold up one side.

Of course nothing says baby quilt like two crazies on a quilt. :)

I am not sure who the lucky person who is going to get the quilt is yet, but I am sure I will find someone soon!!

Here is a link to the quilt festival.

I can't wait to see all the quilts that so many wonderful quilters have put together.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Sew mama sew giveaway day!

I don't blog very often...okay well close to never! But I wanted to be part of the sew mama sew giveaway day!

I would love it if you liked me on Facebook as that is where I do most of my 'talking' So for every new 50 likes on my facebook page I will give away another prize.

Want to know my prize...where here it is! I am giving away a $15 credit to my etsy store. Here below are just some of the thing that I offer. here is where you can go to look at the whole shop. I have bibs, burp cloths and hats (in any size). I hope that you like! You can see some of the other things I make on the side bar on this blog.

So here is the low down:
Leave a comment on this post. Tell me what plans you are looking forward to most this summer.

If you would like please like me on facebook. Here is where you can find me. Again I will be giving away another $15 credit for every 50 new likes. If you do this please leave another comment so a second entry!

This is open for the whole week. Then I will use Mr. Random to pick a winner. I will email that winner. If they don't get back to me within 24 hours then I will pick another one and so on.

Have fun!!