Monday, August 26, 2013


I am going to depart from the normal crafty/silly blog post to talk about something that has been on my mind lately.


What is legacy? According to the dictionary it means "anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor."

But is this what I mean? Not exactly.

My husbands grandma passed away this last week. And it got me thinking of those that I have lost recently. Then I thought of what they have taught me, showed me through thier actions. It is thier legacy that made me who I am.

My grandma G:
She taught me patience and love. I spent many summer with her and poppop. I miss her singing silly songs and her servants heart. She also had a wonderful relationship with Christ which showed in everything that she did. She taught me great patience.

My grandpa S:

He was so full of joy. He was silly and loving. He taught me not to be serious all the time and to take risks because life is short. He loved strongly. He taught me peace.

My Great Grandpa Fred:
He served the Lord as long as he could way into his 90's. He loved the Lord so hardly and talked about how blessed he life had been. He could always be seen with a smile. He taught me that the Lord is not done with you until he calls you home, perseverance.

My husband grandma Q:

Although I was not raised with this wonderful women I learn a lot from her during my time with my husband. She was a lovely wonderful women. She love with all her heart all her family and extended. She also had a wonderful relationship with God and it was evident in her attitude and manners. She taught me peace.

You see without these people I would not be who I am. It is their legacy of love, faith, committment, trust that made

It is these people that make me what to be a better stronger more dedicated Christain. It is these people that taught me how to live life to the fullest. It is these people that left a legacy of love down many generations. It is because of these people that I want to work to make my marriage work. It is because of these people that gives me the strength to be a better mom. It is their legacy living through me.

It makes me think of the legacy that I am leaving to my children and beyond. What are my actions teaching? What are my words really saying?

What legacy am I going to leave?