Friday, July 1, 2011

Pillowcase bananza!

So this week I have gone pillowcase crazy.

It all started when my husband came into the fabric store with me!! He saw the new space invaders fabric and asked that something for him be made with I thought pillowcase!! Then I saw the pac-man fabric and thought my boys love pac-man I can make them a pillow cases! My daughter felt left out so I let her pick out fabric and the rest well as they say is history!!

I think that my little ladybug did a good job with matching the fabric, she picked out all of those, I think she has a future in fabric crafting :) :)

I know that it is wal-mart fabric, but the tinkerbell fabric is super cute!!

This is the space invaders pillow case. My husband cracks me up.....but I was super happy to make him something!!

It is a little eye boggling, but I like it. The cool part is that is really does make our bedroom!!

This is the pillowcase for both the double this and you got the picture!! :) I didn't do the main part in the pac-man partly for money reasons and part because I found an embroidary for my machine......

This is in the center of the boys pillowcase. I think it turned out pretty cute!!

And the whole!!

I had fun and the great thing is that they are super fast to make!!