Sunday, December 27, 2009


Well Christmas is over!! That is a 'let down' and a relief!! I had a WONDERFUL Christmas!! My husband is the best gift giver in the world!! My kids are running around the house playing Nerf wars and luckily my husband got one too!! All my boys (well not the baby) are playing war all over my house!!

My Christmas Crafts are done!! YEAH (that is a good thing because as you seen before Christmas is over)!! But I have one more 'Christmas' tomorrow. My parents are coming in! So, one more crazy fest!

I have a couple of projects in teh upcoming month or so!! I am going to make a new quilt for our bed to replace that yucky store bought one (can you hear the snobbery in my voice...hahaha)! And then I would like to make a few things for me....wierd I know, but I have a really nice jacket pattern that I want to try!

I have a baby sale coming up (after 4 kids lots of things to sell) but I was thinking of making a few homemade items too!! We will see!!

Well now it is just waiting on the new yeat....2010 that is totally crazy!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What I have been up to!

Well the season is busy...super busy!! I have been sewing up a storm...or a sewing machine (haha)

I made the kids matching Christmas outfits....(There are two of the vest for the older boys, but I couldn't fit them all in the picture)!!
Then this is the quilt that I am making my pretty almost tempted to not give it to her...haha

I have put the handprints into it through a stipple....and all I have to do is hand stitch the binding on....YEAH!!!
I am making PJ's for the kids that match.....I am having trouble finding a pattern that will fit over the kid's is a little fustrating....So Ihave changed the pattern that I have to have velco in the back or snaps I haven't decided which!!!! I will show those when I get a little bit more done......
Have a Merry Merry Christmas and for two in my house....a happy birthday!
My husband celebrates 31 years on this earth on Saturday and My baby boy Tate celebrates is first year on this earth on Sunday!!! So happy Birthday to two of the 'men' in my life!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


I thought that I would introduce myself so some of the new friends I have out there!! I am Bethany! I live in Salem Oregon, but I am not from here. I was a Military Brat (and yes I am okay with the term)! So, I have seen a lot and I like that fact! I have been married 9.5 years to the best man little computer geek (and yes he is okay with that term)!!! After graduating college we were surprised with our first child, brother (not his real name, changed to protect). Then quickly after him came, JoJo. Ladybug came after a while. Tate was a surprise, but we love him anyway :) :)

I love to craft stuff for my kids and likely they are at a stage that they like it too. My boys mostly like PJ's, and it is good that they are easy!!! My daughter is always asking, 'what are you making me now?' because yes I make her more stuff then the boys :):)

My life is pretty busy with four kids a hubby and my work at the church, but I wouldn't trade it for the world (or all the money in it). I get to do the funniest, hardest, bestest job in the world.....being a housewife, homemaker, stay at home mom, or as my mom likes to say 'retro mom' which is my favorite because I love anything retro!!!

I would love to hear something about you if you get a chance!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Sorry I have been having some computer problems. But my super smart hubby got them fixed!!

So Congrats to

Jenna - Mushroom Fabric
Carla- Apron

Your packages should be in the mail in a couple of days. Thanks to all the others who entered. And thanks to all those other blogs for thier giveaways.....I won something too!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hello Blogland -- Closed

Well it an exciting day in blogland it is Sew Mama Sew's December Blogland giveaway day (or days as it seems).

This is my first time giving anything away I am really excited to be part of this fun day is crafting blogland!!!

So for my first giveaway I am giving away two different things (because if I remember from last time there are many many commenters)!!!

So here is the deal:
1- comment on my post about your favorite holiday tradition (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter or even Arbor doesn't matter)
2- Tell me if you want the first prize or the second...or both if you can't decided!!!

I will be giving these prizes away using a random number generator.

I do not ship internationally.....sorry :( :( but all those here is the US of A come and get it!!!
That is it...all she wrote...ohh yeah the prizes.....

The first prize is a fabric panel for a Christmas is simple to do, but fun to have for holiday baking!!!

The second option is 1.5 yards of flannel. It is super cute with mushrooms. It would make great winter time PJ's or pillow case...well the options are endless!!

Have fun out there (and stay safe)!!

and please please please have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!