Sunday, December 27, 2009


Well Christmas is over!! That is a 'let down' and a relief!! I had a WONDERFUL Christmas!! My husband is the best gift giver in the world!! My kids are running around the house playing Nerf wars and luckily my husband got one too!! All my boys (well not the baby) are playing war all over my house!!

My Christmas Crafts are done!! YEAH (that is a good thing because as you seen before Christmas is over)!! But I have one more 'Christmas' tomorrow. My parents are coming in! So, one more crazy fest!

I have a couple of projects in teh upcoming month or so!! I am going to make a new quilt for our bed to replace that yucky store bought one (can you hear the snobbery in my voice...hahaha)! And then I would like to make a few things for me....wierd I know, but I have a really nice jacket pattern that I want to try!

I have a baby sale coming up (after 4 kids lots of things to sell) but I was thinking of making a few homemade items too!! We will see!!

Well now it is just waiting on the new yeat....2010 that is totally crazy!!

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