Saturday, February 20, 2010

House Redo

Well my sewing has come to a standstill. I think that I have done like two squares on my quilt in the last two weeks. We had another bout of sickness (having a family of 6 it takes a while for it to run through). so that took a lot out of me.

Then we decided that a couple of things need to be done on the house. We finally have the money (we don't do anything that we can't pay for NOW!!). So, I had to call contractor and met contractor and go to the hardware store and it take a while. So, finally the work will be done on Monday. Well, not entirely true the workers will be done on Monday. Then it will be time for me to work again. I have to repaint and reorganize and re-everything.

I am so excited that it is getting done. I have been wanting (and saving) for 5 years to get this done. So, I guess that I really should be happy!?!?!?