Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Week of Rest

Well last week was me and my husbands week of vacation. My wonderful mother-in-law takes the four kids for an entire week. My husband took the week off of work and we just had fun.

We watched Green lantern on Monday. I went for Ryan Reynolds, he went for the comic book sci-fi! :) :). It was good, I really did enjoy it! Then my sweetie took me to the fabric store and target. He is a keeper.

On Tuesday we went bowling. It had been so long since we went. It felt like we were in college dating again. I won the first game. He won the second leaving us exactly tied on pins dropped, so of course we played a third game where he very much beat me!!

On Wed we went to a place called bullwinkles, it is a family fun center. We played miniature golf and silly ticket arcade games. We were able to 'buy' the kids a woopie cushion, a jump rope and a spikey ball with all our tickets :) :)

That night we went to the 'cheap' (second run) theater and saw the Lincoln Lawyer. It was fun, I like those who can outsmart who type of movies. The language was rough, a bit of violence, and on 'personal' scene that could of been done without, but good altogether.

We did nothing on Thursday, well we went nowhere. We played video games, watched tv (catching up on some shows) and just relaxed.

Friday we didn't do much. Although my husband isn't to into garage sales, he went with me anyway....love that man. He did take me to a cute little shop around here that has vendors of all sorts of misc stuff. Mostly older stuff redone and really cute decor. I love walking around there.

The kids came back on Saturday afternoon. I really did miss them, but had a super great time with just my love!

On a side note, I got a lot of sewing done too. I finished a quilt top, pictures to come later. I got a pair of pajamas done for my daughter and cut out a bunch of other stuff. Now, it is back to reality and life with four crazy kids :) :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Krista's Quilt

My college roommate is having a baby!! She has two precious little girls and now she is going to have a sweet baby boy!!

So of course I had to make her a quilt, so here it is!!

The fabric was a large print so I used a large block so that you can see the cute little animals!!

I am still new to the quilting thing and this is the first time I did a border and am so in love with it!! Going to have to do that again!!

This is my stippling. Like I said earlier I have only been quilting for less then two years and the same for stippling. I do it on a basic sewing machine so it does present some challenges, but I do like the way the it turned out!

I used a stripped sheet for the back. I love using sheets for the back. So, that is the whole quilt in it's glory....

Being a military brat I didn't keep friend a whole long time (well not physically close anyway) so the fact that I have lived near and been friends with Krista for almost 15 years is just amazing to me.....

I wish her luck on this little baby. May he be happy/healthy and super sweet!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Teacher gift

So the end of the year is here. So, I wanted to thank my sons teacher. So, I made a banner with my embroidery machine. I think it turned out lovely....

The full effect....I love the bright colors and cheerfulness of it!

A close-up of the letters.

Another larger shot of the whole thing.

When I saw the embroidery pattern on Etsy (bigdreamembroidery) I knew that I just had to have it! It was super easy to use and it turns out just so cute. I think my daugher is going to get one next for her room!!

What do you think??

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Nice day to frisbee golf!!

My boys watching the water under the bridge!

My Jojo just being himself!

Mr. Grins He just brightens my day!

My Caleb again....He looks green here which is kinda funny!

All my four babies!

Following the 'yellow brick road.'

Love it!!

My 4 angels again!

My little girls...isn't she just pretty!!?

Practicing...look at the eyes and you will see how far the disc went!!

Running after daddy!


It was too nice of a day to not go outside and play!! So after the things that needed to get done in the morning were done, we went out to a really nice part to play frisbee golf. My husband loves to play and I took pictures!!

It was fun to just walk and talk with the kids!!

Friday, June 10, 2011


Well normally I try to post at least every other day, but alas I got sick......

I wanted to show you some summer time fun....My two little ones doing a summer time classic.....a run through the sprinkler.

Boy that is cold....

If I just touch a little bit I can 'warm' up to it.....nope...he was soaked!!

I also wanted to show you some of what I have been up too!! I had a custom job from one of my friends (I do love custom work!!!)

She is such a thrifty buyer, but you should see her house....totally doesn't look like it. Her house is just so warm and inviting and lovely to look at!!

Well, anyway, These are some curtians that I made for her. She got four panels at a garage sale. I cut them down made a fifth and added the adorable coffee fabric to the bottom and the ric-rac. I think it turned out super cute and will look lovely in her home!!

I am blessed to have friends that trust me to do these sort of things, and I really do love doing it.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Where is summer??

Okay, I am so ready for my boys to be out of school and for summer to really start!!

We haven't really had good weather...very wet spring, but I will not complain because we didn't have an earthquake or tornado......

It is less then a week before my boys are out of school, and I am counting the minutes!!

So here I am wishing for summer in full swing....love to you all!!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wacky Wednesday!

Well we normally use that term for dinner because Wednesday is usually leftover or cereal night, but we did that last night! Why? Because we have had a small illness run through the family. I told my husband that he is cooking dinner and it can't be bought (LOL). So, it was pancakes for dinner!! :) :)

Wack Wednesday is about the choas of my mommy life. The ups and downs and all that is in between.

The ups:

My son (3rd grade) got an A on his very first 'test' about gas/solid/liquids. The average was a 5 or 6 out of 14 and he got a 12!! Go big Bro!!

My second son (1st grade) is getting better at reading. I was told by his teacher the last time I was in his class that he is almost at grade level. That is a HUGE jump from the beginning of the year and I am super super proud of him...he has worked hard.

My daughter (4yo) has been coloring pages left and right and taking tape and putting them randomly on the wall, well I just love it. I don't want to take them down. I have an art gallery all through my house!!

My youngest (2yo) well he is trouble, but there are up for him too :) :) He is going to bed much better then he use to and sleeping really well!!

The downs:

Having four kids means fights and whinning and much time in the car. Today expecially my two little ones have been fighting A LOT. My baby is finally feeling better after a couple day fever and getting into my daughters stuff.

My two olders ones I hardly see. They come home from school and get a bite to eat and run back outside to play with their friends. Now, I do love it that they are outside and that they love being with friends, but I do kinda miss them!!

For me and my husband we are looking forward to our week off. My MIL takes the kids for a whole week in the summer and we get to do WHATEVER! We normally go to the beach or something, but this year we are doing a 'staycation.' We are going to play around here this year.

I am finishing up a custom project (picture to come on the next post). I LOVE custom project.....

My life is full, but I sure do love it.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Paris anyone!

ohhappyday.com is having a giveaway to Paris France. Yeap that is right. To PARIS! I do hope that I win! But if you would like to have a chance head over there and sign up!!

Exciting stuff!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Movie Quote Friday

"She is too pure to be pink."

It is one of my favorite musicals. What could it be??

Have a happy Friday! I know that I am going to enjoy my weekend, I hope that you do to!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

My 'corner' of the world!

Here is just a glimpse into my little 'corner' of the world. With four kids and a 'smallish' house I had to find a little place to call my own and this is my little place.

This is my bookshelf. It may look crazy, but it is organized. The bottom has my sheets (vintage and new) that I like to use for either practicing new things or for quilt backs. the next shelf has nice yard cuts and big scraps. The next shelf is finished small product and ribbon and tulle.

See not as unorganized as you might have thought.

This is a picture of the entire space. No it is not much but it works. I have shelves above me that house my misc stuff, patterns, and flannel. I have a magnent board in the back where I put my patterns when I am working on them. Three thread holders for sewing thread, embroidery thread and quilting thread. I have small children's hangers to hold the finished items or just to get some things out of my way.

This is on the opposite side of the tall bookself. The plastic drawers hole the small and med. scraps. Along with my interfacing and stabilizer. One drawer also has my scrap batting. All within arms reach.

I may not have a big studio, but I love my little space. I call it my cave. I can't hear the phone or the tv or anything. It is right next to the kids playroom so I can work they can play.

Tell me about your work area.