Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Krista's Quilt

My college roommate is having a baby!! She has two precious little girls and now she is going to have a sweet baby boy!!

So of course I had to make her a quilt, so here it is!!

The fabric was a large print so I used a large block so that you can see the cute little animals!!

I am still new to the quilting thing and this is the first time I did a border and am so in love with it!! Going to have to do that again!!

This is my stippling. Like I said earlier I have only been quilting for less then two years and the same for stippling. I do it on a basic sewing machine so it does present some challenges, but I do like the way the it turned out!

I used a stripped sheet for the back. I love using sheets for the back. So, that is the whole quilt in it's glory....

Being a military brat I didn't keep friend a whole long time (well not physically close anyway) so the fact that I have lived near and been friends with Krista for almost 15 years is just amazing to me.....

I wish her luck on this little baby. May he be happy/healthy and super sweet!!!

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