Thursday, June 2, 2011

My 'corner' of the world!

Here is just a glimpse into my little 'corner' of the world. With four kids and a 'smallish' house I had to find a little place to call my own and this is my little place.

This is my bookshelf. It may look crazy, but it is organized. The bottom has my sheets (vintage and new) that I like to use for either practicing new things or for quilt backs. the next shelf has nice yard cuts and big scraps. The next shelf is finished small product and ribbon and tulle.

See not as unorganized as you might have thought.

This is a picture of the entire space. No it is not much but it works. I have shelves above me that house my misc stuff, patterns, and flannel. I have a magnent board in the back where I put my patterns when I am working on them. Three thread holders for sewing thread, embroidery thread and quilting thread. I have small children's hangers to hold the finished items or just to get some things out of my way.

This is on the opposite side of the tall bookself. The plastic drawers hole the small and med. scraps. Along with my interfacing and stabilizer. One drawer also has my scrap batting. All within arms reach.

I may not have a big studio, but I love my little space. I call it my cave. I can't hear the phone or the tv or anything. It is right next to the kids playroom so I can work they can play.

Tell me about your work area.

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