Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wacky Wednesday!

Well we normally use that term for dinner because Wednesday is usually leftover or cereal night, but we did that last night! Why? Because we have had a small illness run through the family. I told my husband that he is cooking dinner and it can't be bought (LOL). So, it was pancakes for dinner!! :) :)

Wack Wednesday is about the choas of my mommy life. The ups and downs and all that is in between.

The ups:

My son (3rd grade) got an A on his very first 'test' about gas/solid/liquids. The average was a 5 or 6 out of 14 and he got a 12!! Go big Bro!!

My second son (1st grade) is getting better at reading. I was told by his teacher the last time I was in his class that he is almost at grade level. That is a HUGE jump from the beginning of the year and I am super super proud of him...he has worked hard.

My daughter (4yo) has been coloring pages left and right and taking tape and putting them randomly on the wall, well I just love it. I don't want to take them down. I have an art gallery all through my house!!

My youngest (2yo) well he is trouble, but there are up for him too :) :) He is going to bed much better then he use to and sleeping really well!!

The downs:

Having four kids means fights and whinning and much time in the car. Today expecially my two little ones have been fighting A LOT. My baby is finally feeling better after a couple day fever and getting into my daughters stuff.

My two olders ones I hardly see. They come home from school and get a bite to eat and run back outside to play with their friends. Now, I do love it that they are outside and that they love being with friends, but I do kinda miss them!!

For me and my husband we are looking forward to our week off. My MIL takes the kids for a whole week in the summer and we get to do WHATEVER! We normally go to the beach or something, but this year we are doing a 'staycation.' We are going to play around here this year.

I am finishing up a custom project (picture to come on the next post). I LOVE custom project.....

My life is full, but I sure do love it.

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