Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Week of Rest

Well last week was me and my husbands week of vacation. My wonderful mother-in-law takes the four kids for an entire week. My husband took the week off of work and we just had fun.

We watched Green lantern on Monday. I went for Ryan Reynolds, he went for the comic book sci-fi! :) :). It was good, I really did enjoy it! Then my sweetie took me to the fabric store and target. He is a keeper.

On Tuesday we went bowling. It had been so long since we went. It felt like we were in college dating again. I won the first game. He won the second leaving us exactly tied on pins dropped, so of course we played a third game where he very much beat me!!

On Wed we went to a place called bullwinkles, it is a family fun center. We played miniature golf and silly ticket arcade games. We were able to 'buy' the kids a woopie cushion, a jump rope and a spikey ball with all our tickets :) :)

That night we went to the 'cheap' (second run) theater and saw the Lincoln Lawyer. It was fun, I like those who can outsmart who type of movies. The language was rough, a bit of violence, and on 'personal' scene that could of been done without, but good altogether.

We did nothing on Thursday, well we went nowhere. We played video games, watched tv (catching up on some shows) and just relaxed.

Friday we didn't do much. Although my husband isn't to into garage sales, he went with me anyway....love that man. He did take me to a cute little shop around here that has vendors of all sorts of misc stuff. Mostly older stuff redone and really cute decor. I love walking around there.

The kids came back on Saturday afternoon. I really did miss them, but had a super great time with just my love!

On a side note, I got a lot of sewing done too. I finished a quilt top, pictures to come later. I got a pair of pajamas done for my daughter and cut out a bunch of other stuff. Now, it is back to reality and life with four crazy kids :) :)

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