Friday, June 26, 2009


What a week!!!! I have been at my in-laws house doing a week of canning. I have only ever done jam (which is pretty easy). I wanted to have some salsa and salmon which my mom-in-law does super well and what a better way to learn. So, we did 8 batches of salsa (over two days). Four batches of Jam...fresh strawberries picked in the morning and canned that afternoon...should be good!! Then we did 17 pints of Salmon. That was harder then I thought just because of the time of pressure canning. But now I am set for a year and so is she.

It is nice to have this relasonship with my blessed!! So, tomorrow I am heading I miss my love, my husband!! It will be a long day tomorrow so ta-ta for now!!!


  1. You are very lucky to have such a good relationship with your mother! :)

  2. i is really nice!!!