Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So sorry

It has been a crazy couple of weeks....I guess that is what happens when you have four children (HAHA).

I have been busy sewing even though we had a sickness run through that six of us (and no...no piggies here).

This is something I am very proud of...sorry to any of those black and orange fans!!! I made a quilt top for my mom for my dad....to make it clear. My mom wanted to make a quilt for my dad and to make it a surprise I made the top for her and she is going to sandwich and quilt it (something she can do at night while my dad is at work!!!)


I am very proud that I 'designed' the block myself (I know that is was most likely done before, I couldn't find it anywhere...so HA)!!!

The other squares are old t-shirts of my mom's!! She had MANY...as my dad is a VERY big fan!!

I have almost finished my mom's quilt, and started the kids Christmas outfits for church!!! Along with some stuff I have done for friends my sewing machine as been zipping (she is such a trusted friend)!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all......

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