Monday, July 12, 2010


Well after a two week vacation, the ramp-up and aftermath of the vacation and getting over a really bad cold I am back to the land of the living!!!

After such a long time away from my sewing machines, I was itching to get back to it!!

So here is the latest thing that I have finished....

I call it the NEW heirloom quilt. Each square represents something that reminds me of my grandma, or something that we did together!! In the middle is her last name, the corners are handprints of my kids (to reresent all her great grandkids), a canning jar of tomatoes, a heart for all the love she has, a fish because she took me fishing all the times, a football because she loves it (with eagles fabric backgroud...her fav), a cross for her faith, a candy because she would give us money and we would walk to the store and by candy, a farm house (which she owns), and a boat for the times that she took me out on the boat!! The backing is for all the times that I spend on her property in the woods building forts!!

I do love my grandma. I miss her very much (she lives accross the country)!! I can't wait to see her in less then a month and this is my little surprise for all the years that she spent loving me, caring for me, praying for me, and just being the best grandma!!

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