Monday, May 24, 2010

Creative laziness

Okay I have a lot going on at my craft space right now!! I am making two quilts, one for my grandma (super excited about that) and one for my second son, the first already has his. Then I am making a friend who just had her second girl matching dresses. Well this is where the laziness came it. I found a cute pattern and so I started on the big dress. It was all going well until I got to the sleaves. The way that the pattern makers had you do it was totally stupid. So then I decided that this dress will be sleeveless. It was for summer anyway, right. It looks cute. I will post some pictures tomorrow when I finish the hem.

So am I the only one that hate it when the pattern is either VERY hard to understand or set up totally dumb!?!?!?

And the answer to fridays fact or fiction is fiction. In the movie Back to the future II they don't make any prediction about the 1997 world series. So there ya go!!

Have fun!!

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