Thursday, May 13, 2010

Okay, I stink

Well, it has been a crazy time in our house lately!! Between the house remodel and just living...

so sorry but I stink. Then I saw that sew mama sew was having thier giveaway and I thought that was super fun, I should do that again!! So I am!!

Well I have had a lot of sewing flops lately...sad....I guess that is all part of learning. But right now I am doing two quilts. One for my oldest son. He got to pick ALL the fabic. It is the craziest quilt I have ever seen, but he is LOVING it!!! The second is a quilt for my grandma (I can say because she doesn't read this blog) it is going to be so special.....each block is a reminder of something she has done with me or something that reminds me of her.....I am so excited pictures to come later......

Thanks for you patience!!

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