Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Daily tidbits

Well life as a mom is never boring!! Between soccer for Jojo and homework and church and playing board games and and and ....well you get the picture.

This weekend we had grandparents in town....that is always fun for the kids. They got to play extra games, go to the park then walk to get ice cream. It was super fun for them.

We also had the Easter production at church. After a week of long practices and four preformance I finally get my husband back. He runs the sounds (well helps anyway)! There were over 150 people involved. It was incredible.

When my in-laws were here my MIL and me did some extreme shopping. Between coupons and gift cards (and groupons) we made our like crazy. First at Fred Meyer we got a Wii game, an i-tunes gift card and lunch stuff for 9 people all for $16. Using a gift card, but still we were pretty happy. Then we went to a shoe store (dangerout). We used our groupons to get dansko's for $25 and $40 (she got sandles and I got clogs). Then I know there is more....we went to Papa Murphy's to pick up pizza and between my full stamp card and my gift card we got two family sized pizza's and bread sticks for nothing.

I am so proud of us!!

Well, that is my fun story for today!

I hope all is well in blog land. I hope to do a give away soon!


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