Friday, May 13, 2011

Being married

Today is my anniversary. We have been married 11 years today. There are times that it seems that we have been married for-ev-er, but other times it really doesn't seem like we have been married all that long.

We meet in College the first day of our freshman year. We didn't like each other at first (well not in THAT way). We were just friends. He helped me with my homework and we watched movies together. You might have noticed that I didn't help him with his, that is because he is SO smart and I am just average!! :)

I finally decided that all men deserved to die (different story, to long to tell now....but you get the idea)......that is when God decided to show me what a real man is, that is Phil. He is sweet, funny, kind and treats me with love and respect. He holds me when I cry. He holds my hand when we are walking along. He will watch a sappy movie with me and not make fun of the way I am doomed to cry every time. He makes me laugh. He is my strong rock when times get tough. He gives me space when I just need to be alone. He is a great daddy to our crazy household of children. He is a gentle leader of our home. I could not be more proud that I am his wife.

I hope that this is still the beginning of our marriage in comparision to when it will end....

I am one very lucky women to have a man like him. I hope that all other women out there get as lucky as me.

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