Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ramblings of a tired mom

Well, I feel pulled in seven different directions and I only have four kids...funny how that works. I sat at Jojo's soccer practice yesterday eating my dinner because I had to throw the kids at my husband and get to the next event. I guess that is the typical life of Americans. Go to this, then that, then the other thing. Oh but on the way get this done and stop at this store.

Sometime I want to scream, 'stop the spinning, I want to get off.' But really I love watching my kids grow into the little (well big) people that they are. Their minds are expanding and learning. Their getting into their own groove. What they like and don't like. They are just so precious to watch. From a helpless babe to a strong thoughtful young man (or women).

I sometime worry about the world that I brought my children into....am I the only one?? Yesterday I was sitting in the car waiting to pick my boys up from school. Happily reading my book (the only time in the day that I get the luxury). Then all of a sudden screaming and cussing and all together awefulness was coming through my open window. I stopped reading and looked in the back to my two younger kids....they were blissfully unaware of the yuckiness that was taking place outside (they were watching a movie). I sat and prayed for the women that was just so angry. Why would she use that language and what could make her so angry so fast. It is times like these that I just worry about my kids and I want to keep them home forever so that they don't have to see/hear/be part of that nastiness. But God is bigger and stronger and more powerful then me, and my kids are safer with Him. It takes LOTS of prayer for the worry and anxiety to go away. But HE is always faithful to do that.

But there are times in my mommyhood that just makes me laugh and smile. When my older boys read to the little ones. When I see them pushing each other on the swings or wanting to all sleep in the same room. I am very blessed that I have four precious little kids. They are a joy and a blessing in my life. It is this reason I want to let the mama bear come out and start slashing those that would want to harm my kids. And by harm I mean physically (of course), but also with their words or attitudes. But I have to put the growl away and the claws down (in most cases).

My ramblings are coming to a close.....for now. I have silly, wonderful, talented, healthy, crazy, passionate, creative, smart, curious, happy kids....what more could I really ask for???

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