Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial day

Well it is a great weekend. We have a four day weekend because the kids had off on Friday as well. My mom is here and we are going to have a relaxing couple of days.

But really Memorial day is about remembering. So, that is what I am going to talk about today.

I am a military brat. I moved around a lot when I was a kid, lived on base and off. I had a dad that was a career coastie (that is United States Coast Gaurd Officer). I am very proud of him. I am very proud of being an American.

We are to remember that our freedom did come come free. It still isn't free. There were men and women in the past that fought to make up free, there are men and women that are still fighting to keep us free.

Now you may not agree with everything that is going on with America right now. I know that I don't, but I will ALWAYS support our troops. Because they don't say 'no' when they are told to go. They don't complain that it is a 'stupid' war. They just go. No matter what. They do what they are told to do. They go into places that no one else would want to go. They do things that are uncomfortable for them. They carry a gun so that we can fight about whether carry a gun should be allowed. They live in tents, while we go camping. They eat prepackaged food, we eat at well prepared food. They put themselves in the line of fire, while we watch movies. I am proud of those men and women who do this every single day.

I am proud to be an American.

I enjoy the freedom to say what I want (and use it often). I enjoy the freedom to disagree. I enjoy the freedom to go to my church without fear.

My comfy life is on the backs and because of the blood of those to fought the good fight and gave the ultimate gift. I love our country. I love our service man and women.

This is a weekend of fun, but it is also a weekend to remember.

Please Remember!!

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