Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Being a mommy

Well I might be a little behind on this post, but I am getting to it. The reason I am behind is because we had a surprise visit from my in-laws this weekend (well they let us know on Thursday they needed to come down). So, it was a crazy whirlwind weekend.

Well, to the point. I am a mom of four and there are days that I think I have the best 'job' in the world and other days that I just think I am plum crazy!! Yesterday was the ladder! My two year old had squirted toothpaste over the bathroom, peed on the carpet and tried to escape the house and that was before nine in the morning. Ladybug (my daughter) was in a rare mood yesterday too. Everything that happened was the-end-of-the-world! I couldn't count how many tantrums the two year old had or crying fits of the my daughter. But today is a new day, and I am glad to be a mommy.

I was woken up by a super sweet hug, smiles and laughter. I haven't had to clean one spill or yell even once. They boys were nice to each other as I dropped them off at school. Man, the difference a day makes.

On Mother's day. I recieved many nice gifts from my crew. I got a pretty picture by Jojo, my second son. I am really impressed with it. I got a survey of why I love my mom and a couple of poems from Brother (my oldest). I am impressed with him as well.

I thought I would share some funniness with what they wrote about there mom....

My mom has a funny habit of........laughing and sewing
My mom favorite cloths.........dresses
I like it when my mom wears.......regular cloths
My mom cooks the best.......pizza

On Brothers top ten list of reasons he loves me here are a few:
She loves daddy (so sweet)
She loves the Lord (I am glad that he can see that)
She drives me crazy (uhhh?? I thought that was the other way around)
She drives to places (all the time)
She gives me chocolate (because I believe that it can cure all ills)!!

Well, being a mothers has its ups and downs...its highs and lows. But I am glad that for the most part my life is 'high.' With four kids it could be either way....and a two year old can leave you void of energy and emotionally spent.

I am proud to be a mom to Brother, Jojo, Ladybug and Tate. (The names changed to protect them). I am proud to have the little extra mommy belly, and to sacrifice my 'designer' wardrobe for sweats and t-shirts. I am proud that my life reflects that which is most important to me. I am a proud momma, not because they get good grades, make pretty pictures or pee in the toilet (the last in important), but because they try thier best. I love the 'bear' hugs and silly laughter. I even love the talks that are a bit uncomfortable because it means they feel comfortable talking to me. I even love the times I have to correct them because it means we can get back to being on good terms. I might wear many hats as a mom, but I love every single one of them.

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