Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hopeless to hope

Well it seems that the world is either fully believing that today is the day of rapture or totally making fun of it......

I just wanted to put my 2 cents in (or sense).

Those people who do believe have will be lost after today, but for now they have hope! Hope of thier savior coming to get them. Hope to stop living in this rollercoaster life. Hope for what they have been waiting for, an eternity with Christ. They will be disappointed later today or tomorrow when they realize that they are still on this earth. But they do have hope.

I have hope. I have hope that one day my Lord will come and get me....I will live forever with him in heaven singing his praises for eternity. I have hope that He will be coming back soon. I do have hope. I don't know when that will happen. I really don't want to know when that is going to happen. It will happen all of a sudden and I will be gone.....boom!

The world is hopeless. It lives for now. The pleasures of now, the power for now, the money for now. It doesn't really think about tomorrow or the 'after-life.' It puts no stock in that, because thinking of it would be a remembrance of the hopelessness that they have. Keep running, keep making money, keep getting stuff. If their minds are occupied with this, then they don't have time to think of their soul or what happens when they die.

What are we doing? What is our purpose? Do we have hope or living a hopeless existance?

Now I will confess that a part of me is making fun of the people who believe that today is the day that the Lord returns, but really it could be. Not even Jesus knows when he will be coming only the father. I have hope. I have hope in my future, here on this earth and after. I am not scared of death or the rapture. I am secure in my 'afterlife.'

Do you have hope??

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